Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saving by Making Homemade Treats

This year I am trying to save as much money as I can but not everyone in the house understands that concept. So I tried to think of ways to save money but still meet the wants of my family. As I was browsing I found some cool recipes that keep the favorite treats in the budget. Yes, it may require more of my time to prepare them but this helps to keep up with two of my goals, savings and family fun.

Better than Krispy Creme Bites

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

 Mini Banana Cream Cookie Pies

Chocolate Cookie recipe

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cute Sewing Ideas

Well...I'm back. I have excuse after excuse why I shouldn't continue this blog but I keep coming back to "I have to keep doing this."

So here I am, again. In reviewing the past blog posts I see that the most view posts were relating to crafts and food. SO I will post those kinds of things as long as you are willing to also view one of my spiritual posts as well, deal?

I haven't pins in awhile either so I decided to try and catch up on some and I found these cute ideas to sew. I think they are easy to do but honestly I haven't tried them yet. Let me know how they come out for you; what was easy and what was hard. Have fun!!!

This first one looked like a fun idea. I usually just stick business cards from those I meet with in a pocket of my purse, then when I go to look for them, I have to shuffle through everything, this cute little pouch could probably save me a lot of trouble.


This looked cute. I looked it as a diaper bag first then said, "Nahhhh, it's cute as just a plain bag."
I was looking for something to carry my family history stuff in for when I go to a Family History Center to do research, or to take with me when I go Dead People Hunting. It also works as a Graggy Bag (my grandson named me Graggy instead of Granny). I could use it to put coloring books and supplies, treats for road trips with my Graggykids, just a thought.

Diaper/Messenger Bag

How about making a super cute scripture bag for your scriptures?

Scripture Bag

This looked so cute that I just had to add it to the list.

 Mini wallets

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