Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cute Sewing Ideas

Well...I'm back. I have excuse after excuse why I shouldn't continue this blog but I keep coming back to "I have to keep doing this."

So here I am, again. In reviewing the past blog posts I see that the most view posts were relating to crafts and food. SO I will post those kinds of things as long as you are willing to also view one of my spiritual posts as well, deal?

I haven't pins in awhile either so I decided to try and catch up on some and I found these cute ideas to sew. I think they are easy to do but honestly I haven't tried them yet. Let me know how they come out for you; what was easy and what was hard. Have fun!!!

This first one looked like a fun idea. I usually just stick business cards from those I meet with in a pocket of my purse, then when I go to look for them, I have to shuffle through everything, this cute little pouch could probably save me a lot of trouble.


This looked cute. I looked it as a diaper bag first then said, "Nahhhh, it's cute as just a plain bag."
I was looking for something to carry my family history stuff in for when I go to a Family History Center to do research, or to take with me when I go Dead People Hunting. It also works as a Graggy Bag (my grandson named me Graggy instead of Granny). I could use it to put coloring books and supplies, treats for road trips with my Graggykids, just a thought.

Diaper/Messenger Bag

How about making a super cute scripture bag for your scriptures?

Scripture Bag

This looked so cute that I just had to add it to the list.

 Mini wallets

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