Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Raising Righteous Children

Well, I have been so overwhelmed with work lately, I apologize because I'm behind on my blogging. I'm finding it's not easy to keep up with a daily work load and extra responsibilities. But, it is my goal to make this successful and hopefully keep you enlightened.

Yesterday, for family night, we read and discussed a talk by Elder Larry Y. Wilson called "Only upon the Principles of Righteousness". He says, "Wise parents prepare their children to get along without them. They provide opportunities for growth as children acquire spiritual maturity to exercise their agency properly." 

I felt like this was an important topic to discuss this week especially since our children are the ones who face the world as it is today. There is so much evil that weaves itself in and out of their daily activities. I am so amazed when I see young people so willing to follow in the footsteps of our Savior. I am so proud of them as they make righteous choices. Was it in their upbringing or was it a conscientious choice?

I know of homes where the spirit is so strong that you have no doubt that the parents have taught their children to love and respect God. But even though they teach their children the same principles one child may make choices that are not on a good spiritual path. The scriptures site this example in the story of Cain and Abel. Both are brought up in the same righteous home, but one chooses to do good while the other does not. This can happen in any home. But why does that happen? In most cases, it is not the parents fault but it is the choice of their child. We all have our agency to choose.

Even though we want all our children to make those righteous decisions some may not make it easy for us to teach those principles.  We need to be strong and stand firm in teaching moral principles by countering the opposition of the world our children live in. We do this by teaching them in their homes. This is a safe place for them to learn and live good moral values.

We have to give them opportunities to make righteous choices. When they are out of our sight they will need to know how to stand firm in the principles that they have been taught from home. These principles, whether you think they are listening or not, will save their eternal lives. We can never give up on them even though they may fall sometimes. We need to help them up and, hopefully they will have gained a testimony of what works and what doesn't through their experiences, then continue on their journey.

On the other hand I know some that have been raised in unrighteous homes and still chose to live a life of spirituality. They are happy and find success in obtaining goals through righteous decisions. We know what true happiness is, now it is up to us to teach our children to find the same. We have to give them many opportunities to recognize the spirit and to act upon it. When they figure this out they will understand the peace that you and I feel in the Savior.

I don't know about you but I know I will sleep a lot better knowing my child will more than likely make wise decisions when I am not around. Sometimes I worry that I haven't taught them enough but how will I know if I don't let them test the waters. It's a scary thing to let go of your children to make decisions for their lives. I know this because I am dealing with it right now. I have one child that I am currently worried about but I am trying to let go so she can have experiences in her life that will help her to continue on a path of righteousness. I will continue to pray and guide her but like a baby taking its first step...I have to let go or she will never learn to walk. I can only pray that she will remember her teachings and make good decisions that will bless her life for good.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Womanly Influence

Hello, and welcome to my blog! If this is your first visit don't forget to view my past posts. Hopefully, they will bring enlightenment to you.

I watched a movie this week where a woman was able to use her womanly influence to guide two men to do things that were harmful to others. She used this gift to influence men to do bad things. It gave me cause to ponder that issue. If women can influence for bad can they also influence for good?What great good can women do if they use this God given gift for good use?

I started to review the Holy Bible for examples of women who used their womanly influence for good. I would like to site two of those examples today. I want to start with Eve. She was not a wicked woman who led Adam to choose disobedience by eating from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil causing all mankind to have to experience death (that didn't sound too positive).But she was a good woman who discovered the truth and wanted Adam to be a part of it too. They were given two commandments in the Garden of Eden; one, to multiple by creating life and the other to not eat from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Because she was tricked by Satan to eat of the fruit, she was able to see the good in that choice because she gained knowledge of right and wrong. And, she used her womanly influence to help Adam gain that knowledge as well. They needed to stay together in order to create life which they were also commanded to do. They choose to stay together and experience life together with all its ups and downs.

Another example of using womanly influence was Esther. She was made a queen but her husband didn't know she was of Jewish descent. An evil prince in her husband court was angry with the Jews when they refused to bow to him. So when it was said that all Jews would be put to death her cousin  asked her to speak to the King in behalf of her people. She had fear that she would also be put to death if he knew she was Jewish. She encouraged her people to fast and pray then she began a plan to influence her husband for the good of her people. And it worked, her people were saved and she was still a queen.

Now, I am not talking about using sex as a way to influence men, even though that can work most times with your husband, but I am talking about using the feminine qualities that we have been given to influence good things to happen. Let's look at a couple of good examples of modern day women who do or did much good by using their femine qualities.

Here's an easy one, Mother Teresa. This woman answered a call to serve the poor and sick using her talents to help those in third world countries. She used womanly influence to get the things that was needed to help sustain these needy people. Her example has influenced more women to do the same. Do the research on her and see her amazing selfless life.

Another example is Audrey Hepburn. She took her fame, which she was know for her beauty and grace (womanly influence), to make people aware of the hungry children of the world. She spent time among those needy and found ways to help them though that gift of womanly influence. Check out her life as well.

There are so many unknown women who do this daily in the quiet of life. They use the womanly influence within them to do much good; on a local level or higher. So how much more can we do if we all use that quality. We don't have to be like men to get what we want, we just have to use that sweet quiet influence in our hearts to promote good causes.

It's ok to act like a girl because we are. It's ok to use all those stereotypes about women because that is who we are. Someone in the past has made bad things out of good womanly qualities. Women are very much needed in the world. The beauty of womanhood is part of God's plan. He made us this way and wants us to use those things to bring good in the world. We are needed.

Discover your strong points and ponder what good you can do with them. Then go to God asking for help and direction in using these talents he gave you to promote good. With all the evil that is surrounding us daily, we need all the good we can get. Even if it sounds redundant, we need to hear the good things over and over again. So get to work and don't forget to share your stories here.

Monday, July 16, 2012

What does Righteous Mean?

I apologize for not posting my weekly blog yesterday. I was in Jacksonville for my oldest grandsons 2nd birthday. We had lots of fun, but we almost had to postpone it because he was sick. However, as most children do, he recovered in time for the party. So here is my new post, even though it is late.

I like manners. I like when people use manners like thank-you and please. I like when men open the door for women. I like when people greet each other with kindness. Those are examples of manners that we should be using and teaching our families to use. I have always wondered who started manners like women having to cross their legs at their ankles, or place one hand on their lap at dinner. Is it so bad if we don't do these things? Those are not things which pertain to common courtesy. However; I do like most manners, I just don't think that some of those manners are really that important. I think we have to know which are important and which are optional.

I looked up the word 'righteous' in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It said being righteous was "acting in accord with divine or moral law". So for the purpose of this blog spot,  we as righteous women, have to make a stand in moral issues facing women today. Like the manners thing, I think we have to find what are good moral issues to stand up for.

I used to listen to a talk radio show for making moral choices. Some of you may have heard of Dr. Laura. She does not air on my local radio station but I often think about the things she has taught me in the past about standing up for moral values. It amazed me at how blunt she was to the callers about making stupid personal choices in life. She was not afraid to stand up for what she knew to be true and right according to God's laws. I love her for teaching and reminding me of these things.

Her example inspires me to look at the world today and what we need to be doing. Now, its our turn. She is still giving advice and helping not only women but men to "do the right thing".
It is also up to us to take that stand in issues pertaining to women and their families. Let's start looking at and discussing what are correct values according to God. Let's help find ways we can reach out to other women and help build a stronger generation against the evils that try so hard to destroy what really matters in life. We need to protect our families against the adversary because he is getting stronger and it is getting harder to fight against him. But I know we can stand together and help build the Kingdom of God here on this earth simply by choosing the good moral values that keep us on the path to righteousness and helping others to do the same.

Don't be afraid to choose good values and make a stand for them. Keep teaching your children common courtesy's and how to choose good moral values to make a stand on. It all begins with you. You are the nurturer and teacher for your children. Don't let others get away with teaching your families incorrect principles. You know the truth and only you can inspire those mighty spirits to do much good. Only you can help them to make righteous choices and be proud of it.

Let's open our eyes to see the devastation that is tearing down the family and the true beauty of women. We have to take that stand now before it grows too late. That is one reason I want to write this blog in hopes it reaches many women; so women can use those God given talents and make true changes for good. We have to built a righteous generation of children to lead and guide us back to a world with values. Let's work together and strengthen one another to do all we can. May God bless you and the stands to take.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Be Yourself!!!

Hello Friends!

Well, I am finding blogging to be quite fun. I guess if I was doing it for myself then I wouldn't be as excited about it. But...this is for all of us so I am excited and hope we can get some good dialog happening. That's the purpose, right?

Recently, my youngest son went on a church history tour to Missouri and Illinois. When he came back he brought gifts for the family. One gift he brought back, for my youngest daughter, was a plaque that said "In a world where you can be anything, Be Yourself!"

I love those words of advice. In our world it seems we are encouraged to be anything we want as long as we conform to the way the world thinks we shoud be. My children have been labeled, several times, as "not so normal" and I am fine with it because I love that they are their own person. I think we can learn from them by being whoever we are meant to be.

Who has the right to say it's wrong to be ourselves?  No one! God made each one of us unique so why not be the person we truly are? Even if others continue to label us, I say bring it on. The more unique I am, the more I stand out. I think people who stand out are meant to do big things. What are you meant to do?

I have always felt like I was meant to do something important. It coud be this blog, leading a women's organization, or even raising righteous children. Whatever it is, I need to be true to myself and not let others influence what I think or do. I need to find out who I am and continue to develop those traits that make me unique. It's those traits that can make a difference in this world and I want to challenge each of you to find the unique you, develop those traits, and stand out as an example to those around you.

We can all do great things as examples for other women that we meet in our daily lives. I want to give a shout out to the women of the world..."Be Yourself and Love Yourself!" God loves you and I love you, that gives you at least two on your side,  you can't lose with that combination. Until next time, God be with you.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

I am so proud to be an American, and, I think we are truly blessed to live in the best country on the planet. Here, we have the opportunity to become anything we want to be, thanks to those who came before us. I am so grateful for our Founding Fathers and their courage to fight and stand for the freedoms we enjoy today. However, behind any great man is an even greater woman.

As we celebrate our countries birthday I would like to suggest that we take a moment to reflect on these great women; thinking about their fears and losses as well as their successes. These courageous women are perfect examples of how we can use our feminine talents and stand for what we truly believe in. These women, and many more over the years, have assisted in the fight for freedom. And now its our turn to shine the light and fight for those precious freedoms that are in jeopardy today.

What freedoms are you passionate about? I would like to hear about the fights you would stand for. I'd also like to know how we can help.

Recently, I heard of a challenge to read the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July with our families and friends. I will be doing this with my family because I think its important for all of us to know and understand this important document. I would like to extend this challenge to you as well. If you can't read it together on this day of celebration then find a time that will work for you. Or discuss the history of how it came about.

Again, I am grateful for the strong, courageous people who took a stand for something they believed in. I would love to hear about your favorite example of a woman and her stand. If you like this blog, please pass it on so we can encourage women to continue to stand for truth and light.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Beauty of Womanhood

Hello Beautiful Women!

Thank you for viewing my blog. This is my first real attempt to blog ( I hear it's the "in" thing now) so I thought I should give it a try. I mean, I don't want to be labeled as "not cool" (is that the correct lingo today?). So many others are connecting through blogging, to me, it was the only logical thing to do to get connected to wonderful women like you. Wow, that was almost poetic.

I thought a lot about what I could say that would be meaningful to my viewers. Many ideas popped into my head but the one that meant the most to me was what this blog is all about; the beauty of womanhood and standing up as righteous women in a troubled world that needs us.

Women are wonderful creatures. We have been given many talents that come natural to us; things like compassion and nurturing. We develop skills to strengthen who we are. We give of our selves daily to our families, work, church, and community. Sometimes we give so much of ourselves that we don't make time to do anything for ourselves. In fact, I feel guilty if I do take time for me. That is why I hope this blog will help me become a better me.

 It totally frustrates me to see how women are portrayed today. It seems that Hollywood has created a view of women that forces us to try to live up to standards of what has been labeled as beautiful. Really? Women who are near anorexic, or, are airbrushed to look flawless;.is that really beauty? I always hate when a magazine lists the 100 most beautiful people and they are always famous people. I know many beautiful women who I would rather spend time with than those in the magazine. What do you think creates a beautiful woman?

Though the years the picture of women has changed dramatically. There is so much crime against women today. Programs on TV and movies portray women as sleazy and easy. I have to wonder why women try to conform to this. Men have it easy today approaching women because young women think the things they view in the media are how they are supposed to act.Young Women!!! Listen up! This is not correct behavior. You will find so much more happiness if you hold to your virtue. Don't be ashamed of waiting until you are married to have sex. You will feel more beautiful and special if you wait.

But I am here to tell you that we don't have to allow this negative picture of women to be who we are. We, as righteous women, need to stand for who we really want to be viewed as. But I think we need to take a moment to think about that; who are you? How do you want others to view you? We can discover and change this view by interacting and discussing issues that affect women on this blog, as well as things we can do to strengthen one another. Women have been blessed with many wonderful traits and if we can share those with one another we can give each other hope for a future of beautiful women doing wonderful things.

Well, that's it for this week. I can't wait to hear from you and see how you feel about women today. Tell us how you think we can create a better future for women.
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