Friday, September 27, 2013

Barilla Pasta Company Stand

I just heard that the President of the Barilla Pasta company has made a stand for traditional family values by choosing not to feature gay couples in his commercials. There are many who are upset and calling for a boycott of the Barilla products. Why?

He has a right to his opinion. if he chooses not to do this it doesn't mean he hates gay people. It just means he has his beliefs and wants to stand strong in what he believes. There is nothing wrong with that. Why is it that you are good in the eyes of people when you stand up for things that don't match the teaching of the Bible but you are bad when you stand up for the good things in the Bible, like a man and woman only marriage? Looks like the scriptures are right, the day will come when bad things look good and good things look bad (Isaiah 5:20).

I am on his side. I don't approve of gay marriage and I will stand up for what I believe in but it doesn't mean I hate those who choose a different life style. I have a beautiful niece, who I absolutely love with all my heart, but she has chosen the gay lifestyle. Do I hate her or love her any less than the rest of my family, NO!!! I love her. My best friend in high school is gay but I don't hate her either. She is such a good person and a good example to me.

I actually think lesbians are strong women who know a lot about themselves. I have learned a lot from them about womanhood. But I don't think their choices are consistent with God's so I will stand for God at all times and all places.

The President of the Barilla Pasta company has the right to say what he wants and if there are those who want to boycott his products then I say to those who stand with Mr. Barilla we need to focus and buy his product to show support. Those who stand with him can also show support by blogging or commenting on facebook and twitter, or any other social media, that they stand behind him. He needs to know that we are on his side and support what he wants to do within his company.

Good luck, Mr Barilla, you have my support and I will let everyone know it!!! I will also let everyone know that I love my sweet niece, Alysha and my good friend, Barbara.  


  1. It's sad when we can no longer voice our opinions without being attacked. We can disagree and still love.

  2. I agree, we all can have our opinions but it seems when you voice them many take it personal. We all could use a lesson in love through our differences. Thanks for your comments.


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