Friday, November 8, 2013

Macaroni and Cheese!!!

I loved going to my grandparents house when I was a little girl. I would run in the front door and give them both a hug then run to the kitchen, open the fridge and grab the box of Velveeta Cheese. They always had some in the fridge, I always thought it was just for me. But I found out later that my family loved and that many people have a love for cheese.

The Velveeta Cheese Company has been around since the early 1900's. It was my first love affair with cheese.

Now, Velveeta has other products that it sells. There are Velveeta Skillets which are meals made using the Velveeta Cheese and pasta with chicken or ground beef. 

But my family created these meals before Velveeta did.

Here are a couple of things we did with Kraft Mac and Cheese, then on special occasion we used Velveeta Mac and Cheese.

Mac & Cheese/Hamburger was our rendition of Hamburger Helper.

1 box of Kraft Mac & Cheese, or Velveeta Mac & Cheese
1 pound of lean ground beef
2 T Worcester Sauce

Brown ground beef and drain off grease. Put ground beef back in pan and add worcester sauce, mix together and heat on low. While browning ground beef, boil a pot of water and make mac and cheese as directed. Drain the water off the macaroni and add the macaroni to the ground beef mixture then add the remaining ingredients for the macaroni, mixing it all well with the ground beef mixture. Then that's it, enjoy!

Its inexpensive and fast to make.

Now, you can make it with homemade mac and cheese. Here is a link for homemade, just add the bround beef mixture to the homemade mac and cheese to get a healthier version.

We just recently tried it with chicken and Velveeta mac and cheese, it wasn't too bad, but not something we would eat a lot of. I guess we have to experiment with flavors, maybe we will add bacon bits next time.

What do you do with macaroni and cheese? We'd love to hear your ideas so we can introduce new meals for our families. Have fun!!!

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